STANDARD BYPASS TRACK AND HARDWARE WITH FASCIA. USE WITH 1 3/8″ DOORS WEIGHING UP TO 50LBS EACH. This is our best quality hardware and it can be used with two-door or multiple door units. The hardware set features our #122 adjustable 2-wheel ball bearing hanger for door up to 100lbs. or our #802 4-wheel ball-bearing hanger for up to 150lb doors and this is our smoothest rolling option. If you have the need for heavier doors a third #802 4-wheel hanger can be added to the center of the panel for up to 200lb. doors. Our ball bearing hangers operate smoother and more effortless than any in their class. This hardware is used in conjunction with our 2300, 2138, and 2134 tracks.

(3 Door Multi-Pass Hardware Sets)

(for use with 235 and 245 Track)