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DLP Aluminum T-Astragals For 1-3/4” Exterior Doors

DLP’s astragals exhibit superior structural design and meet the strict Florida building code requirements for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone. The DLP astragal is tailored to provide your double door entryway with increased security and weather protection. Engineered for easy installation and operation, they have multiple advanced features:

  • 4-way adjustable strike plates for perfect alignment of door hardware
  • Designed for simple installation
    • Fitted with #8 self-drilling pan head screws
    • No bolt casing disassembly required
  • Advanced slide bolt with:
    • Patented locking flip lever for security
    • Machined center punch for a precise bolt location and ease of installation
  • Finish Options
    • White
    • Bronze
    • Black
    • Stainable finish that allows for top-coating to match your doors using an oil-based stain, a latex paint, or an oil-based paint
    • Flat or contoured profile
  • Come standard with Q-lon weatherstripping and unique rubber boot seals
  • Prepped to any specification for no additional fee
  • Component approval FL14805.4 – FL14805.7
  • 2 inch bolt throw for maximum security and design pressures
4-way adjustable (horizontal and vertical) strike latch plates
Secure flip lever locks
Slide bolt w/machined center punch allows for precise bolt location and ease of installation.


Sizing determined by:

  • Door Height
  • Lock/Strike Preps
    • Locations
    • Single or Mutipoint
  • Notch Depth Cut for Threshold
    (Outswing only; see the drawings below)


White, Black, Bronze and Stainable

  • White Astragals come standard with white weatherstripping and stainless steel strike plates
  • Black, Bronze and Stainable Astragals come standard with bronze weatherstripping and bronze strike plates
Flat astragal

Aluminum Astragals

Nominal Lengths:
6/8 79-1/4”
8/0 95-1/4”

Custom Options:
• Cut Down Lengths
• Multipoint Prep
• Special Strike Locations
• Specific Notching
Left Hand Inswing1 or 6
Right Hand Inswing1 or 6
Left Hand Outswing1 or 6
Right Hand Outswing1 or 6

Astragal Security Strips

6/8, 8/0
Nominal Lengths:
6/8 79-1/4”
8/0 95-1/4”
Left Hand Outswing DoorWhite
Right Hand Outswing DoorWhite
Special sizing available.
Astragal Security Strips are the same hand as the active door.
Outswing astragals have threshold and head notch / inswing astragals have only head notch. Standard size notches listed above, other notch sizes can be made.
Add on an Astragal Security Strip to any outswing double door combination for added security and a clean finished appearance eliminating the reveal between the doors.