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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my pocket door hardware and track without tearing out the frame in the wall? 

  • Yes, our 120 and 508 hardware set along with our 800 track can be installed without removing the door frame. See our 120/508 series pocket door hardware installation instructions for details.

Can I use my old track with your hardware? 

  • The answer is yes, if you are positive that your existing track is ours. If not, we suggest purchasing new track that matches our hardware.

Are we able to use your products outdoors? 

  • Our products are intended for indoor use however, our 350, 120, 508, and 230 series hardware can be used outdoors. It is used with our aluminum 800, 1200, or 2300 track that is weather resistant and our ball-bearing hangers are packed with grease to provide for smoother rolling and protection from the weather. We do suggest that you grease the bearings periodically for outdoor installations.

I have a custom installation that requires a track size that you do not show, and I need different quantities of the hardware, can you customize my order? 

  • Yes, we are the manufacturer of all of our products therefore; all of our products can be adjusted to suit your needs. We can cut the track to any size as well as package any set or piece of hardware that you need.

I have a door that weighs 175 lbs., can I use your 802 hardware even though it is only rated for 150 lbs.? 

  • Yes, this can be accomplished by adding another 802 hanger in the center of the door distributing the weight across the track. By adding this additional 802 to the center of the door slab, the 3 802 ball-bearing rollers have a capacity of 200lbs.

Offering Standard Product Lines as well as Custom Manufacturing.

Our website represents only the standard items that we manufacture. If you should have the need for a special component, we have the capability to manufacture custom parts in our tooling and stamping facility. Our headquarters and manufacturing plant is located at:

DLP-Pressrite, Inc.
2125 SW 60th Way, Miramar, FL 33023
(954) 963-7373

Store Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm EST